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Quick, easy and painless. | Don in North Toronto 4 | Sep 08, 2008

I had 2 estimates for removal of asbestos around my hot radiator pipes in my basements plus the tiles from 60's. I'm planning a basement renovation which is mainly why I wanted the work done. Asbescan's quote was more than half as much as the other company which would normally make me uneasy but fortunately I found them here with favourable reviews -- always a good thing. The work was done in about 5 hrs and they left the job site clean and the work was fantastic.

Absbestos Removal in the Beach | Elaine & Cam from Beaches 7 | Dec 06, 2006

We had several quotes for removing asbestos in our new old home. The quote ranged from $1200-$4500 dollars. Absbescan was one of the cheaper one. We were definitely suspcious and were a little scared after we hired them hearing about all these fraud but went with them anyways because none of the other companies followed-up with us. We are pleased and amazed with how professional the crew were and their clean-up job were impeccable. The air quality sample was cleaner than outside the house. Great job!

Excellent work | k567 7 | Mar 10, 2009

Asbescan came by to look at our basement and give us an estimate on the work and cost. They e-mailed us all of their certification and a detailed quote shortly after their visit. When the work was scheduled to start, they arrived on time, set everything up and a few hours later asbestos was removed and our pipes were re-insulated. I would definitely recommend Asbescan for Asbestos removal. Thank you for a job very well done!

Very satisfied | Marla in North Toronto 1 | Nov 01, 2009

My husband and I just bought our first home and we were told by our home inspector that our basement pipes had suspected asbestos insulation. I tried calling several companies for quotes and found Marcelo was the most reasonable (by far!)and was very accomadating with respect to our timelines and schedule. He came to survey the job the day after our house closed, and the asbestos was completely removed by noon the following day.

I called several companies to give us an estimate and Asbescan was the lowest and most informative company with the expertise. We found them very professional and cooperative with our busy schedules. I would highly recommend this company in any future projects for ourselves and any friends. Many thanks to Marcello, Cory and the abatement crew, you did a wonderful job!